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How to select kids bottle

How to select kids bottle
Issue Time:2017-07-12

Tips to select kids bottle

1.Healthy Material

Generally speakingsome material like BPA、Phthalate and PC are harmful to kids health, and BPA Free plastic is the first choice so far. Besides, the mouth of kids water bottle should made from FDA food grade silicone to guarantee the healthy quality.

2.Scientific design

Special design of air inlet can keep outside pressure of bottle  consistent with inside pressure, so it seems more easy for baby to drink. Whats more, diagonal straw also helps to avoid chokes.

3.Attractive looking

AAP suggests that children are supposed to learn to use sippy cups instead of nipple, and colorful pattern and cartoon figures helps stimulate childrens’ interest in drinking, so multicolored, cute and delicate water bottle suit kids better. 

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