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Right Bottle, Healthy Drinking

Right Bottle, Healthy Drinking
Issue Time:2017-06-20

We need drink water everyday. So do you really know what kind of cup should we choose for drinking?

There are four cups we generally use: ceramic cups, plastic cups, stainless steel cups and glass. Now,we introduce these cups respectively. 

The ceramic cup is made from kaolin and clay, which is processed by molding and sintering process. It could be made in  various color, it seems that  these colors and design have been a special way to express our personality. The ceramic cup also famous for its health and safety. Besides,its heat preservation is good. The main drawback is fragile. 

Stainless steel bottles always have good heat-retaining properties . The vacuum technology could draw out the air in the inter layer of the inner container ,and the outer shell could achieve the effect of vacuum insulation.Therefore, the main advantages of stainless steel cup is strong and durable. 

Glass raw material is usually made from high boron silicon, which is sintered by more than 600 degrees high temperature. It is a new type of environmental protection and more popular in young people for the following reason: crystal material, artistic surface and easy cleaning.

Plastic cup is popular of its changing shape, bright color, low price and portable etc..Nevertheless,these colorful bottles are not so kind to us .Actually, it is likely to have chemical reactions when plastic material meet boiling water or acidic beverage, so if we use plastic cups to have hot oracidic drinking, toxic heavy metals of thepigment will be easily dissolved into the liquid.

Based on the different characteristics of the various cups, we draw the following conclusions:

1.Glass is more healthy and safe, whether is filled with hot or cold water and even acid or alkaline drinks.

2.The stainless steel cup is the best choice if durability and heat preservation is necessary .

3.Ceramic cup is essential for people who love tea, because it will make the tea more aromatic for its special structure.

4.The plastic cup is the lightest one in all of the cups, but just suitable for filling with water not too hot.

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