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including stainless steel, plastic, silicone and etc.


including soft coolers and hard coolers.


including stainless steel, plastic, silicone and etc.


including strap, handle, straw and etc.

Everich design

We are working with Retailers and Distributors from the US and Europe We have in-house designers team to keep our catalog updated. Our experienced designs are the reasons why retailers and distributors from the US and Europe come to us. 

Everich r&d

Currently, our sophisticated R&D team produces a catalog with more than 200 items and develops 60 fresh items every year. Moreover, we welcome your ideas, and we usually rely on our advanced silkscreen techniques to fill customized orders.


Customers can add their designs and logos on our current products, and we proceed the mass production; also, we will help the customers to  add some new ideas to change the products, or deisgn their own style.
about everich
Holding over 17 Years of Experience. Hangzhou Everich Houseware Co. Ltd has been developing, producing and marketing ...